// CIUK's PwC Style Group Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre stage is the most challenging part of the application process at PwC. Get a sneak peek of what would transpire during this process by watching international students like you vie for success in CIUK's PwC Style Assessment Centre Group Competition! 

Event details:

Time: 21st July (Friday) 2:00-3:30PM

Attendees: 9 Candidates + 3 CIUK Assessors

Competition Content:

Step 1: Ice breaker: 90s Self-Introduction

Step 2: 9 candidates divided into 3 groups and start our competition

  • PwC Style Numerical, Logical & Verbal Online Tests (30 points)

  • PwC Style Case Study + Brainstorming + Group Discussion (35 points)

  • 10-min Group Presentation (35 points)

Step 3: Final Task to win Bonus (20 points)

It's going to be a fun and exciting event that will be very helpful in your own application, so make sure to 

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